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Scaling biotechs


Streamlining your data analytics from bespoke pipelines to cloud-based infrastructure that scales with you


Creating policies and processes tailored for your business, to always be clinical trial and audit ready


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Accelerate your scientific journey using our bioinformatics consultancy, statistical analyses and tailored software that will:

  • Reduce wet lab data bottlenecks
  • Create high quality, scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Achieve your scientific and commercial goals faster


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Be always in control and audit-ready with our bespoke compliance review and solutions. We fit policies and procedures to your ways of working including:

  • Information security and privacy
  • Laboratory and clinical process
  • Software development and computer systems validation

The Prismea team were able to understand our needs quickly and contribute in many areas - enabling us to keep a high speed of development as we expanded in every business area. Their professionalism and kindness in transferring knowledge to incoming scientists has made working with them incredibly easy and has helped us to grow our capabilities and team.

Director, Clinical diagnostics company

Delivered projects

Entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) policies and processes to pass an ISO audit. Fully integrated into the laboratory QA systems and utilising Azure DevOps for the development team.

Complete HIPAA policies and processes to meet both security and privacy aspects for a business associate handling PHI. Lightweight procedures that integrate into an existing Confluence set-up using the in-built functionality to manage audit, training and approvals.

Audit ready sample and data tracking solutions to meet regulations (including COSHH and HTA) that simplify clinical trial sample tracking from laboratory to site to biobank.

Bioinformatic and statistical analyses processing human, bacteria, viral and pathogen genomes to augment academic laboratory teams - leading to peer-reviewed publications.

Best practice cloud pipelines to efficiently process NGS data and produce tailored reports to answer specific questions from the laboratory team. Reducing data bottlenecks, boosting confidence in results and increasing experimental cadence.

Bespoke data analytics to statistically contextualise in-house results with heterogeneous open data sources.

No matter which elements of the biotech journey your team are involved with, then we have the holistic experience to help you avoid missteps and get to your destination faster

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Product leader, Oxford-based biotech