Bioinformatics, statistics, analytics

Expanding your teams skills and knowledge across bioinformatics and statistics

  • Genomic data - DNA, RNA, epigenetic, CHiP

  • Genetics - human, parasite, bacteria, virus

  • Imaging and spectroscopy

  • Epidemiology and clinical trials

We will provide interdisciplinary experience, free up your team's time and upsklll them for you to perform better, quicker science.


Cloud, pipelines, integration

Integrating and automating scientific data flow to scale with you.

  • Bioinformatics pipelines - genomics, imaging, spectroscopy

  • Translating experimental data into insights

  • AWS, Azure, processing, storage

  • DataBricks, Snowflake

We will minimise your time from experimental completion to scientific report and availability of data to interrogate.


Security, privacy, IP

Creating pragmatic policies and processes for you.


  • CyberEssentials, ISO27001

  • ISO13485, ISO15189

  • HTA, Clinical Trials

Remove administrative burden by engaging us to manage your compliance.