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Common scaling problems under the bioinformatics umbrella include wet lab scientists diverted onto data analyses, data backlogs, slow turn around times, and unexplained discrepancies in results. Any combination of these will slow down overall scientific progress and hinder wet lab science.

Bioinformatics should be a commodity that is fast, robust and available to all scientists to process, analyse and query the large amount of heterogeneous data coming out of the laboratory. It needs specialist effort to get to this state that suits your scientific team and data requirements.

The key to getting to this state is to recognise that data science and biology are two different skill specialisms - that require a large overlap in biological domain knowledge.

Build the data systems that your growth needs

Most of the complexity in scaling scientific breakthroughs is in the laboratory. This area of your business rightly needs and deserves more attention and investment than others.

Speed up your laboratory scientists by getting the results of their experiments to them faster, free up their time from running/troubleshooting repetitive data analytics and provide more nuanced statistics for their use.

Planning the route from your current situation to a more appropriate setting is a non-trivial task, needing a combination of: biological understanding of your innovative science; ability to process any large datasets created (such as genomic or image data); analyse and present appropriate statistical results; and to build the scalable cloud infrastructure to support you science immediately and in the future.

Mark helped our business not only by developing high quality technical solutions to scientific problems but also his freely shared experience helped guide us by refining our wider needs and creating impact outside the scope of the specific contracts.

VP, Global Scientific Equipment company

Bioinformatics with Prismea

We work with your teams to understand how your specific laboratory science scales out to your business goals - whether this is creating research output or research only reagents, to medical testing or clinical trials.

Services to support your business

We work directly with you to understand your needs and how best to help you move your science forward quickly.


We have run most genomic analyses from virus to human, from DNAseq to single cell techniques and specialise in presenting the data in the most usable way for your scientists.

We are able to work with your scientists to identify or create the statistics from the processed data to distil and focus your science.


We create extensible cloud infrastructure to meet your processing, data sharing and security needs. We build on any cloud with any workflow engine to:

  • Protect data e.g. from BaseSpace into your cloud
  • Give easy access and clear presentation of data
  • Be compliant including GDPR and Privacy by Design

Interim support

We can fill the 3 to 6 month gap between starting the hiring process to onboarding your bioinformatics lead.

We support your strategy, your science and your scientists with technology agnostic, flexible solutions that give complete freedom to your incoming lead bioinformatician to shape.

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